Bombay Modern Indian Cuisine

We are back! Our rich soup kambing is now served in New Rasa Singapura, a new restaurant bar located at 56 Tanglin Road B1-02 Tanglin Post Office (opposite Tanglin Mall). We are open for dinner now and lunch service will start in November. Thank you for all your well wishes. See you at New Rasa Singapura!

Dinner 5pm-9pm, closed Tuesdays
Lunch (starting November) 12noon-3pm, closed Tuesdays

New Rasa Singapura
56 Tanglin Road
B1-02 Tanglin Post Office
(opposite Tanglin Mall)
Closed Tuesdays

Welcome to Bombay Modern Indian Cuisine by Hawker Initiative. We are located at 02-73 Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre, Singapore. We offer these soup kambing sets for lunch (11am-2pm) daily, except Mondays and Fridays. 

The soup kambing we serve is a healthy version made from nutritious bone broth. It is less oily, less fats, organ-free (suitable for customers with gout), dairy-free and peanut-free. Yet our recipe ensures a rich and creamy soup with fall-off-the-bone tender mutton.

We may be the only soup kambing hawker stall that gives you a choice of warm grilled bread or spiced rice; plus a choice of spicy levels for your soup to unleash an explosion of taste. And we are doing all these in hopes of preserving soup kambing (it is a Singapore-originated cuisine that is fast vanishing).

Hawker Initiative

Hawker Initiative is a project by A-changin Private Limited, inaugural winner of The President's Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year. Our other initiatives are Haute Alteration Initiative at 03-30 Mandarin Gallery and Alteration Initiative at 04-59 Lucky Plaza. 

The concept of Hawker Initiative started in April 2013, when the press repeatedly reported on the vanishing hawker trade: 

"Singapore's Rich Hawker Heritage Is At Risk Of Disappearing" - The Straits Times 04 April 2013
"Serving Up A Good Deal For Hawkers" - The Straits Times 30 May 2013
"Will Street Food Cuisine Vanish?" - The Straits Times 03 June 2013

And there were also many reports on lack of job opportunities for the disadvantaged:

"How To Make Jobs Work For The Disabled" - The Straits Times 23 Apr 2013
"Fit And Happy To Work" - The Sunday Times 26 May 2013

We thought we could start a social project to test the feasibility of training and empowering disadvantaged individuals to be hawker-preneurs.

To achieve this, we figured we should remove the complexities associated with the hawker trade (manpower, food preparation, cooking, ordering, cashiering, collection, food wastage, punishing hours, etc.).

Fast forward to August 2013, we wrote a general computer program to automate ordering and we were successful in securing a hawker stall in Amoy Street Food Centre (we have since moved to 02-73 Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre). 

It is an indian cuisine stall and we decided to serve soup kambing, the indian street food that we observed was fast disappearing (very appropriate for this project).

Soup kambing is a spicy broth of mutton soup, traditionally made of goat meat. This street delicacy is associated with the Indian Muslim community and is believed to have evolved in Singapore.

By introducing a complete self-service system (order, pay and collect), we aim to minimise or eliminate errors in orders, cashiering and serving.

Our order system lets customers select their preferred delicacies from a touch-screen computer. After making their selection, they are trusted to personally insert payment into our money box (honour system). 

At the same time, the kitchen will prepare the order sent wirelessly from the order computer to the kitchen iPad (paperless).

Our order system also has an inventory management module to monitor sales and track remaining ingredients to reduce food wastage.

This self-service concept has been tested for a few months. During which food preparation and cooking processes were simplified to achieve a one-person operated stall. 

KC Ng, the co-founder and director of A-changin and the only test subject we could find (for free), was able to cook and run the hawker stall alone with zero experience in the food industry.

Our first beneficiary, a 60-plus-year young lady, has been able to cook and operate the stall on her own with no prior experience as well. 

We started talking to several associations and voluntary welfare organizations on the training and employment of their clients to be future hawkers. We found out that hawker centre environment is deemed not suitable for their clients. 

So we have a hawker stall ready to employ more disadvantaged, but we did not have any beneficiaries. 

When researching on soup kambing, we discovered that there are only very few stalls left selling this indian street cuisine, which originated in SIngapore.

Our research also revealed that most youths and young adults do not even know what soup kambing is. And others did not like the way it was served, either as a soup only or only with bread. It could not be regarded as a regular meal. Most importantly, not a single person knew that soup kambing originated in Singapore.

We decided to continue the project with a different aim - to preserve one of Singapore's hawker heritage. - to help make soup kambing popular again.

As Amoy Street Food Centre was undergoing renovations end 2014, KC decided to bid for another stall to personally improve the cooking process and extend the food menu.

We were lucky to secure stall 73 at Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre for a monthly rent of $1 (yes, one SGD).

We believe this is the lowest rental for a hawker stall in Singapore. It seems like we might be doing something right, after all.

Since Commonwealth Crescent is a very mature estate, we are operating it without the self-order touch-screen computer and honour payment system, but it is still very much a simple one-person operated stall. 

We believe that our concept to introduce more ways to enjoy healthy soup kambing (nutritious bone broth with choice of spiced rice, grilled bread, soup spiciness, etc.) will attract more people to try and help keep soup kambing a truly-Singapore street food cuisine.

Please kindly support our humble hawker initiative.

Bombay Modern Indian Cuisine
02-73 Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre
Open for lunch 11am-2pm
Closed on Mondays and Fridays

We thank our customers who like our food (formerly known as Brothpot.Mutton at 02-92 Amoy Street Food Centre) enough to share their thoughts with others:

A project by founders of A-changin Private Limited, winner of the inaugural President's Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year
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